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First Day of School News Story

Shaista-un-Nisa | Staff Correspondent TBT | Senior Girls' Campus Peshawar Road
Beenish Talat | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Okara

Rawalpindi: September 3 was an exciting day for both students and teachers alike as it marked the first day of classes and the end of the summer vacations. The students were given a warm welcome by the school management and the teachers.

It was also a memorable day for the sixth graders as they made the transition from primary to middle school. They were beaming with pride at becoming part of the senior branch.

Mrs Shazia Amjad addressed the morning assembly to familiarise the new students with the school. With the help of the teachers, the students took no time settling down.

At the orientation
Okara: An orientation day for the parents of Pre-Nursery students was scheduled on September 10. The parents were presented with a detailed description of the teaching methodologies, classroom environment, the usage of audio visual aids and a rundown of the complete academic year. The importance of the parent, child and teacher relationship for the overall educational development of a student was also communicated.

In the assembly line

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