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Shouldering New Responsibilities News Story

September 17, 2012

Lahore: Key organisational changes involving senior management in the Beaconhouse Central Region, The Educators and Premier Trading have been announced.

Mr Ali Raza is being promoted to Project Director of The Educators, Pakistan's largest educational network with a student body exceeding 120,000 in more than 330 locations. He joined Beaconhouse in 2006 as Regional Director of the Beaconhouse Central Region, guiding it through a steady consolidation in some of the nation's toughest cities. He worked closely with the Chairperson in the establishment of Beaconhouse-Newlands, thus contributing to our most successful school launch ever, and has willingly extended his valuable support to other areas, notably TNS Beaconhouse, the revamp of our sports programme and special projects involving construction which benefited from his engineering background.

Mr Ali Ahmed Khan is taking over as Regional Director. Mr Ali Khan joined recently as head of Premier DLC and it was always envisaged that he would move over to another senior position once PDLC had started up. He has previously worked for 18 years both domestically and overseas in functions ranging from operations, marketing, and customer care to franchising and business strategy. In his various assignments, he has developed and launched new products and also led the establishment of a telecom company in Africa.

Mr Ali Ahmed Khan
Mr Noor ud Din Ahmed
Mr Noor ud Din Ahmed, the founding Project Director of The Educators and Director Development for Beaconhouse, is relinquishing his role at The Educators and will now concentrate his energies on the development of Premier Trading, which has grown tremendously over the years under his leadership and will continue to launch new products and services, and on his construction role. The driving force behind The Educators since its establishment in 2002, Mr Ahmed can safely claim credit for having introduced the concept of school franchising to Pakistan.

All the above changes are effective immediately and will be practically implemented by 21 September.

Mr Ali Raza

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